Hiring a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit may be one of the best things you will do. You could win a great deal in money for your loss and damages from an accident. However, there are a couple things that you need to know about working with a personal injury attorney on a case. Here are a couple things you should avoid doing with your lawyer.

1. Waiting Till The Last Minute

Most personal injury lawsuits have time restraints. This is called the statute of limitations. What this means is that you only have a small window of time where you can actually file the lawsuit. If you wait too long, you will miss your chance.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is waiting too long to talk to the lawyer. Let's assume that the statute of limitations for your state is 2 years. If you call the attorney a week before the two year mark, they might not be able to accommodate you. Before they can actually file the suit, they have to get all of the documents together and write up the briefs, and this can take a good deal of time. For this reason, you should give them plenty of time. 

2. You Don't Front A Retainer

Before you meet with the lawyer you should be prepared to give them some sort of retainer. Believe it or not, many lawyers have a hard time getting their clients to pay them. They do a good deal of work, without ever seeing any compensation for their time. For this reason, many lawyers require a retainer. This is an amount of money that you will give them that will sit in a separate bank account. The lawyer cannot touch it until they have done work on your case. They will only withdraw from this account as they do work for you. If you don't have a retainer, they might not do any work on your case.

3. You Delay Getting Documents To Your Lawyer

Another mistake that people make is not getting their documents to the attorney in a timely manner. Many times a lawsuit takes a long time because the party filing the suit is not prepared. You should make sure you have all the necessary paperwork handy so that the lawyer can get the work done on your case. If you stall on the documents your case will go far longer than it needs to, or you might even miss your chance to file the lawsuit.

By avoiding these mistakes you can ensure that you will have a good experience with your attorney.