The conversations between you and your divorce attorney may be uncomfortable and awkward at times. This person whom you have just met is asking you questions that you probably hoped you would never have to answer, but in many cases are necessary to effectively represent you during your divorce. Here, you will learn how to determine what information is necessary to communicate to your attorney and what you can avoid discussing.

How will the information help your case?

If the information you are considering telling your attorney will not help your case at all, chances are, you do not need to share it with him or her. You may have horror story after horror story about what your soon to be ex has done to you in the past, but if the incident does not help your divorce case, you could probably keep it to yourself and avoid the uncomfortable conversation.

Is the information something that your attorney needs to know?

Oftentimes, you may think about all of the things that have gone wrong in the marriage, and share that information so much that you forget to tell the attorney what they need to know to represent you effectively. If you have a change in your address, employment status or a change in your children's lives, contact your attorney and inform him or her of any changes. Your attorney likely needs this information quickly to prepare for court or file important documents with the court.

Can you explain negative claims about you to your attorney?

When your soon to be ex brings up some of the not-so-nice things that you have done in the past, you need to be able to articulately explain the situation. Instead of getting defensive and calling your ex a liar, calmly do your best to explain what led up to the incident and tell your side of the story. If you have no defense for your ex's claims, just say so. There very well could be no explanation other than a lack of good judgment at some point. The key is to be honest. The more honest you are with your attorney, the better prepared he or she can be for court and the likelihood of getting blindsided while in court are decreased.

Divorce is not a pleasant time for anyone to go through, but the conversations that you have to have with your attorney during the proceedings can be a little less unpleasant. If you're looking for an attorney in your area, visit LaCroix & Hand PC. Keep these things in mind and do your best to provide your attorney with only the necessary information to achieve the best possible outcome.