Suffering a major injury or serious illness that results in permanent disability can turn your world upside down. In addition to losing much of their personal freedom, you may be unable to work or support yourself financially. Social Security Disability Insurance can be a lifeline that will keep you afloat and allow you to receive treatment. Yet, if you have little or no experience with these claims, you will likely need at least a couple of questions answered. 

How Much Compensation Will You Get From Your SSDI Claim?

One of the most important things that many people want to know is how much they should expect to receive from their claim. Unfortunately, the formula used to calculate the values of these claims are highly complex, and you will likely need the services of an attorney, like Scott McNutt Attorney At Law, to be able to accurately weigh a likely value range fro the claim. 

While the formula is complex, there are a couple of factors that will definitely play a critical role. For example, individuals that have had high incomes for much of their lives will likely receive a larger claim because they had paid more into this insurance.

Also, individuals that are expected to require significant and ongoing medical care for the disability will likely qualify for higher claim awards. However, only your attorney will be able to determine if you meet the requirements for these considerations. 

Will Drugs Or Alcohol Impact the Claims Process?

Unfortunately, there are many injuries that can be the result of alcohol or drug use. If this is a major contributing cause of your disability, you may find it extremely difficult to be awarded a claim. However, there may still be a strategy that your attorney can pursue that might give you a chance of being approved for your claim. 

If it is possible to show that your injury and disability would have occurred regardless of the presence of alcohol or drug use, your claim may be able to be approved. Yet, this can be an extremely difficult thing to prove.

Suffering a major injury or illness does not have to cause you to lose everything. Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to help individuals that have suffered permanent disabilities and are no longer able to work. Yet, filing for this type of compensation can be highly complex, but if you understand these two common questions, you should have a more balanced understanding of what to expect from this process.