Divorce cases can get messy, but there are a number of things you can do to help things go a little bit smoother. Here is a quick list of things you should do before filing your divorce papers.

Establish Your Own Bank Account

A common mistake that many people make is that they have all their finances tied together with their spouse and they don't sever the ties fast enough. You need to open up a bank account that is solely in your name and make sure that any direct payments made to you are transferred to the new account. If possible close out any joint credit cards that remain in both of your names and reapply to get your own credit cards that only you have access to. If you don't sever the financial ties, your former spouse will have an opportunity to go out and charge up debts in your name and you could be stuck footing the bill.

Talk To A Divorce Attorney

Before you start the process of filing for divorce and you inform your partner that you are filing, you should consult with a professional divorce attorney. The attorney can advise you on how you should handle your specific situation regarding assets, living situation, and if children are involved he can advise you regarding custody. Consult with the attorney before you move out of the house, unless your partner is violent or abusive. Otherwise, your partner will have time to divide the property without you being present. Moving out of the house early could also affect your child support payments or your ability to collect child support, so get the advice of a divorce attorney.

Make A Lis Pendens Notice

This is used in the event that you own a piece of property and it files a written notice that there is pending legal litigation involving the property. This will prevent your former spouse from selling the house during the divorce proceedings and trying to make a quick sale of the property. If necessary and things get extremely messy, then you can also file a restraining order against your former spouse if they have threatened you with violence or have been harassing you throughout the divorce.

All of the steps outlined above are designed to protect you before you start the process of filing for divorce. Failure to do any of these things leaves you completely vulnerable and open to potentially have your spouse try and take advantage of the situation. Talk to a divorce lawyer for more assistance.