If you were told you had breast cancer and you immediately decided to have a mastectomy at the suggestion of your physician, but you now doubt that you had the condition, you need to hire a lawyer from a firm like Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC. If you think were one of the tens of thousands of people that are misdiagnosed annually with breast cancer and you're now flooded with medical debt, get legal help.

You need to gather all of the medical information you have regarding your case, and sit down with a lawyer to start going over your case. Here are the types of evidence you'll need.

Blood Results

All of the blood tests that you had done throughout the process will have reports of your levels before the surgery, and after. The lawyer is going to look at the changes, and have a medical professional look at the results to see if there were any factors that indicated there was a serious medical issue within the body.

Scans and Images

What type of scans and images were used to diagnose the lumps? The lawyer will look to see if the masses were alarming enough to require further medical treatment, and if the scans were misread. Bring copies of any mammograms, x-rays or ultrasounds that were taken.

Biopsy Results

Inaccurate biopsy results aren't uncommon, often because the pathologist isn't properly trained to look for cancer, or specific types of cancer. If the biopsy was misdiagnosed, you may have a case against the pathologist and the medical facility where the biopsy was performed.

Facility and Physician Information

You need to have all of the contact information from the physician that treated you, along with all of the facilities where you had tests done or appointments at. The lawyer is going to check into their credentials and see if there were any other misdiagnosed cases, and then contact their legal team to see if they want to settle the issue out of court.

If your lawyer can work with a team of medical experts and prove you didn't have cancer, you can get a settlement. There is no amount of money that is going to give you back the time that you spent going to medical appointments, feeling scared and dealing with the surgery. You can get paid back for all of the money that you spent getting treatment for the condition you don't think that you had, and for the stress that you endured.