If you've recently been in an auto accident that involved significant property damage or any amount of bodily harm, you will likely benefit from a lawyer helping you navigate insurance and, possibly, courts. An auto accident lawyer can take stress off of you while you recover from your accident and help you navigate the legal aspects of your situation. However, hiring the wrong lawyer for your situation may result in more stress instead of less. Below are the main aspects you should look for when retaining an auto accident lawyer. 

They Specialize In Your Area of Need 

There are two main types of auto accident lawyers. The first specializes in property damage and the second specializes in bodily injury. If your issue involves insurance companies refusing to pay to fix a totaled vehicle or with accusations that you damaged someone's property, you will need a property damage lawyer. However, if you were injured or another party suffered extensive injury, you will be looking for a lawyer who specializes in bodily harm. 

Often, auto accidents involve both property damage and injuries. However, these will be divided into two separate insurance claims and, if you seek legal action, two separate court cases. You can either have two separate lawyers represent you or, as is more common, find a law office with experience in both types of cases. 

They Have Experience With Similar Cases

Occasionally, auto accident cases are straightforward. However, often there are multiple complications that can make your situation unique. For example, if alcohol was involved, if there was a death, if you were pregnant at the time of the accident, or if you are suffering emotional trauma from the accident, these issues will change your case. You should make sure that any potential lawyer not only fully understands your case, but that they also have experience with similar cases. 

They Have a Good Reputation 

You can assess the reputation of a lawyer several ways. You may want to look them up online or ask around for opinions. However, the most straightforward way to get a solid understanding of how a lawyer works is by asking their past clients. You should keep in mind that attorneys cannot discuss specifics that may be covered by attorney-client privilege, but they should be able to point you towards at least one or two clients who will be willing to talk to you about their services. 

When talking to a reference, you should not only ask whether the lawyer was "good," but instead ask specific questions about their working and communication styles that will let you know if they are a good fit for you. 

They Offer Strong Communication 

Auto accident cases can sometimes move slowly, and you will want to remain informed about your case so you can make life decisions based on the current status of your case and when it is expected to finish. Before hiring a lawyer, you should discuss how they communicate as well as how often they will contact you. Some lawyers will have a secretary send an email to clients every week while others will only initiate client contact if there is news to share with the client. Some lawyers are fine with you calling to check in with them, while others prefer that you wait until they contact you with an update. 

There is no wrong way to communicate, as long as your lawyer is communicating with you, but it is helpful to find a lawyer who will put you at ease by following your communication needs. 

When hiring an auto accident attorney, you will likely have many choices. Making sure your potential lawyer fills these basic needs will help you narrow your search. To learn more, check out websites like http://www.bjhmaldenlaw.com.