If you have gotten hurt at work, then you may be entitled to worker's compensation. That should pay for your medical bills and possibly lost wages and even ongoing pain and suffering. If you are going to file a worker's comp claim, there are some things that can affect your claim. 


One thing that may affect your worker's compensation claim is who actually holds the liability in the accident. In this case, liability means who holds the blame or the majority of the blame in the accident. If you were to have gotten hurt because you were fooling around at work and not being safe, then you may hold a significant amount of liability in the accident. However, if you were using the equipment in the normal and expected fashion or you were following all safety procedures and got hurt anyway, then your burden of liability is likely to be much less severe. 


Another thing that can affect your worker's comp claim is the severity of your injuries from the accident. The more severe your accident and your injuries, the longer you are going to need medical treatment and any follow-up care. That can affect your claim because you are going to have to make sure that you have it set for a continuing claim. You are going to need to keep submitting your bills and such to the worker's comp insurance company and to your employer so that they can get paid. That can make it much harder on you and much easier to deny your claim ,since there are going to be so many things that you are going to have to file for. 


Having an attorney may also affect your claim. It is your right to have an attorney look over all your paperwork and to help you with all the red tape and legalese that you are going to have to deal with. It's also a smart thing to do. You should never sign anything without carefully reading it over, and if it is a legal type of document, then have a lawyer check it out for you. Having a lawyer read any paperwork that your employer or the insurance company wants you to sign can help keep you from having things you are entitled to taken away from you. 

If you have gotten injured at work, then you may be able to get money for your injuries. Make sure you do everything you should so that you can get your injuries covered.