Many people use ride sharing services as an affordable way to get around, whether they're traveling away from home, don't own their own vehicle, or want safe transportation after they've been drinking. If you choose to use a ride sharing service, you want your driver to be just as prudent as you are behind the wheel. This will be the case most of the times that you travel in this manner, but not always. There may be times that your driver is driving in a concerning manner. In such scenarios, you shouldn't hesitate to take out your smartphone and record the driver with your camera app. You should also verbally express your concern over the situation while you're recording. In the event of an accident, your video footage will be a good way to support legal action. Here are some scenarios in which you should record.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving can encompass a variety of things, and each of them can be a concern. For example, if the driver is driving too quickly, you might feel worried about your safety. Additionally, aggressive driving tactics such as swerving, following too closely, and other similar habits can all increase your risk of being in an accident that leaves you injured. Record each of these issues as clearly as you can. In the case of speeding, try to capture the vehicle's speedometer and any passing speed limit signs.

Distracted Driving

You want your ride sharing driver to be focused on getting you to your destination safely, but there can be instances in which he or she is distracted. The most common example in this scenario is that the driver is looking at his or her smartphone to find another passenger to pick up after you. Distracted driving in this manner can dramatically increase your probability of being in an accident, so be sure to record the driver's usage of his or her device as evidence if you end up in a collision.

Suspected Intoxication

Sometimes, you may get the sense that your ride sharing driver is under the influence of a substance that is affecting his or her ability to drive safely. One way that you can often tell is that the driver is slurring his or her words. If you've picked up on this detail, record the driver and engage him or her in conversation. It's unfortunately possible that the driver has consumed alcohol before driving, or is perhaps under the influence of legal or illegal drugs — all of which can impair his or her judgment and make a crash more probable. In the event of an accident, you can provide your footage to your car accident attorney to strengthen your case.

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