When the vows start to break down, you have irreconcilable differences, or you just don't see a future with your spouse anymore, you'll need to end the marriage in the most peaceful and professional way possible. The divorce rate in the United States right now is thought to hover between the 42–45% area. It is a difficult part of life that you won't want to go through, but you also don't want to go through it alone. With the help of a good divorce lawyer and the following advice, you can hopefully experience a peaceful divorce.

1. Alleviate some stress and energy by hiring a divorce lawyer

A lot of the stress that people take on in their divorce is because they're doing too much themselves or don't have the right answers. You can avoid both by cutting your losses and hiring a lawyer. Depending on the state, you might pay a lot of money. However, you will pay so much more, sometimes in future losses, when you don't have a solid lawyer. Make sure that they're experienced in divorce law and that they have your interests at heart. 

2. Prioritize what needs to be divided and what you'll keep for yourself

Another tough part of the divorce process is figuring out what needs to be split. A 50-50 split isn't very practical for either party in most cases, so think about your assets and debt on an individual basis. Everything from credit card balances to real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be up for grabs in divorce proceedings. Your divorce lawyer will give you advice on which accounts to keep open and how you can shield yourself from avoidable losses. 

3. Decomplicate the tax issues when at all possible

Divorcees will sometimes run into tax problems as well if they aren't careful. Hiring a tax professional might cost you between approximately $146–$457 depending on what sorts of matters you need to address. Getting their professional advice will shield you from crippling tax burdens, or at least make sure that they are fairly split between you two. 

4. Go for mediation to make the process much easier

In about 50–80% of divorce cases, mediation helps both parties come to some sort of agreement. Going for mediation out of the gate will minimize the risk and losses of your divorce case, while also keeping things peaceful between you. There's no reason a divorce shouldn't be handled amicably; with a mediator, you'll have it done as amicably as possible. 

Use these tips to help with your divorce. Contact a divorce lawyer to learn more.