If you have an estate, it would be in your best interests to ensure your affairs are managed well, even after you die or become sick. You want to dictate how your properties will be distributed to your kin and any organizations you care about. But how can you ensure that things go your way? You can begin by drafting an estate plan. 

While you can do it by yourself, it is better to involve an estate planning attorney. The lawyer will ensure everything goes well and protect you and your family. Here is why you might want to hire an estate planning attorney.

Avoid a Costly Probate Process

The probate process is expensive and can take a long time for the court to determine the rightful heir and beneficiaries. Remember that the court will be directly involved in distributing your estate to the right heirs. This process becomes more difficult if you don't have a will or a living trust that defines your wishes. 

The probate process tends to be expensive because of administrative expenses, executor fees, and legal expenses. Hiring an estate planning lawyer can help you avoid probate as they will ensure everything is planned in accordance with the law.

Update Your Estate Planning Documents Regularly

Drafting your estate plan is pretty great as you will always be prepared for anything. However, that doesn't mean everything will remain as is until you pass away. Your wishes can change with time, and these changes have to reflect on your will. 

Sometimes you will also go through certain life changes such as divorce, marriage, or the birth of a child. All these changes will prompt you to keep updating your estate plan to meet your family's needs. You need to inform your estate planning attorney of any major life changes so that they can update all your legal documents.


The best thing about hiring an estate lawyer is that they provide objectivity. Estate planning is an emotional process that's pretty confusing. As such, you need an extra voice of reasoning to help you determine a good plan based on your family dynamics. 

Besides, lawyers are not part of your family, meaning they'll be able to provide an unbiased opinion. At least you'll be at peace knowing your lawyer will help you with your current and future needs. 

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