You should be able to trust a mechanical shop when you pay to have your work done on your vehicle, but if you were in a bad accident because of faulty mechanical work, you need a lawyer. You need a lawyer to go after the mechanical shop for the cause of the accident and the burdens it caused you, and also to protect you from damages that occurred to other drivers or property in the accident.

There are multiple concerns with the case, and you don't want to end up with debts you can pay when you aren't to blame. Here are things to discuss with a car accident lawyer. Remember, you'll want to act fast.

Immediate Mechanical Inspection

The vehicle should immediately be towed to a mechanical shop where it can be inspected. This is the fastest way to find out if the prior repairs that were done to the vehicle were done improperly, and if this caused the accident. Be sure to get a detailed report from the mechanical shop so that your lawyer can use this information in the assessment of your case. 

Black Box Data Info

The majority of vehicles being sold today have a data recorder under the hood. This vehicle should have been recording when the accident happened. This could mean recording the speed, time of the impact, information about turn signals, breaking, and more. Your attorney will want to have the information on this device decoded if it is useful for your case and to prove that you were driving responsibly, and that it was just the mechanical flaw that caused the accident.

Potential Recordings of the Incident

If the accident happened in a commercial area or on roads where there are cameras for traffic light monitoring, there is a chance that the incident could have been recorded. Ask local commercial property owners or businesses if they have exterior cameras.

Even ATM machines have cameras that record and could have a high-quality video of the accident live. This could show you weren't distracted, that you weren't using a cell phone, and that the car went out of control.

Financial Information

This accident is going to cost a lot of money. Your lawyer will want to know what you want to settle for by taking the following costs into consideration:

  • Your vehicle repair costs
  • Wages from any missed work
  • Medical bills
  • Increased auto insurance expenses
  • Rental car costs
  • Legal fees
  • Costs for other vehicles and people involved
  • Refund from the faulty mechanical work completed
  • Mental trauma compensation

Anything that has caused you a financial burden and physical and mental pain should be compensated for by the company that fixed your vehicle incorrectly.

The faster you get a car accident lawyer that can help, the faster you can start to get a case together. You want to find an experienced lawyer that can help you through the case. Be sure to talk about payment plans with the attorney before you put down a deposit.