After you apply for and receive a green card, you have to do certain things to keep it. Immigration authorities can take your green card at any time if you violate the terms of it. Here are two specific situations that could impact your green card status and what you can possibly do to hold onto it. 

Committing a Crime

One of the biggest offenses you could create while staying in the United States on a green card is commit a crime. The crime does not have to be a felony-level crime to result in your green card being revoked. 

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive list of offenses that you should avoid to hold onto your green card. For instance, a misdemeanor-level crime, such as shoplifting, could result in a loss of your legal status. 

If you have been charged with a crime or arrested, it is imperative that you contact a criminal lawyer and an immigration counseling lawyer like one from Kriezelman Burton & Associates. A criminal lawyer might not be as familiar with immigration laws and is usually only concerned with helping you deal with the possible punishments you could face here, such as jail time and heavy fines. 

On the other hand, the immigration lawyer will focus on how the crime can impact your right to stay in the country. Both lawyers can work together to find the best possible solution to your problem. 

Violating Terms

When you are issued a green card, there are conditions attached to it. For instance, you must report a change of address within a specific period of time. Read over the conditions of your green card carefully and ensure that you completely follow them to avoid having your green card revoked. 

Your green card can also be revoked if it is found that it was obtained under false pretenses. For instance, if you received your card due to marriage to a U.S. citizen and the marriage proves to be false, you could lose your card. Be sure that your green card is legally obtained and based on facts.

There are many other situations that could impact your green card status. Talk to an immigration counseling lawyer prior to and after receiving a green card to ensure that you are absolutely clear on the rules regarding continued status. If you lose the green card, your chances of being granted another one at a later date is significantly low.