When your child was getting married you surely had dreams and hopes of a wonderful life for the newlyweds. On the other hand, you might have foreseen that the marriage would never work, and your heart was breaking from the moment the couple said their wedding vows. If your grandchildren are the ones who are suffering because of their parent's neglect, abuse, or any other form of danger, they may have ended up in the state's protective care program.

Whether you, a concerned neighbor or anybody else turned the parents into child protective services, it's a wonderful thing for them to be in the custody of loving grandparents. Even though the children may actually realize that their home situation wasn't a good one, they may still feel that their lives have been shattered. Being with their grandparents will help the children to feel comforted. Part of that comfort comes from the knowledge that you love their parents and that you want the best for everybody.

Attorneys - If you have the funds to obtain your own attorney, find one that specializes in child custody cases. If you don't have the money to pay an attorney, the state will provide one for you. The children are actually wards of the state they live in. In most cases, an attorney will be provided for you, for the children, and even for the parents.

What To Expect - Unless another relative is seeking custody of your grandchildren, they will probably be placed in your home very soon. Then be ready for lots of meetings. A case worker will go to your home to do a home study and to interview you to make sure that the children will be in a good place. You will be asked to give referrals of people who can attest to the fact that it is in the best interest of the children to be in your home.

Terms - If the parents of the children want to get them back into their own lives, many conditions will have to be met. If drug use has been present, they will be required to get help for that. Parenting classes will be ordered, too. Each of the parents will need to undergo a series of interviews themselves. If even one of the conditions is not met, the children will not be permitted to return to a place that was deemed dangerous to begin with. 

Limitations - At a certain point, your attorney will approach you to tell you that a final decision has to be made. If you have already decided to adopt the children and to raise them as your own, your attorney will help you with that. Your attorney will even help you to arrange for the children to receive monthly checks that will cover their living expenses. In addition, the children will receive government funded medical insurance. In some states college tuition will even be paid for.

The legalities are almost nothing compared to the emotional burdens ahead of you. If you adopt the children, it will be totally up to you whether or not to allow their parents to be part of their lives. It will be helpful for you to have a good emotional support system through other family members, through friends and through church or another organization. To learn more, contact a law firm like Cragun Law Firm