Most people do not think of parking-lot accidents as serious, especially if they are what many people deem as "fender benders." Perhaps you have been involved in one, and you may wonder whether seeking a personal-injury claim is worth your while. The following are a few points to keep in mind regarding parking-lot accidents.

Determining Liability

Most parking-lot accidents are related to other motorists. Motorists might do a number of things that make them responsible for these unfortunate events. For example, a distracted motorist might use their cell phone and cause an accident. A more serious liability would be a motorist who knew they caused a parking-lot injury and fled the scene. Individuals who leave the scene of parking-lot accidents may be held liable in criminal and civil court proceedings.

Dealing with Motorists That Are Knowingly Negligent

Some motorists may know that their cars need to have repairs, but they might continue to operate them. This puts other at risk. If it can be proven that a motorist knew that they should not be operating their vehicle, proving negligence is fairly easy. Some of these individuals have admitted to guilt at the scene of accidents. For example, a motorist might exclaim, "I knew I should have gotten my brakes fixed. I'm so sorry."

Going Forward When the Fault Lies with the Manufacturer 

Sometimes well-meaning individuals find themselves at fault for car accidents. A number of manufacturers over the years have had to recall their vehicles due to faulty parts. Issues with brakes are some of the most common defects that cause accidents. This means that someone could hurt you in a low-impact accident even if they were exercising caution. If a manufacturer is at fault for an accident, it may be better to pursue the manufacturer for compensation. This is because individuals may not have the resources to pay you, and their insurance companies may have limits on what they will pay for accidents. 

A car-accident attorney is a good resource to use if you have been involved in a parking-lot accident. They can help you negotiate a fair settlement. They can also determine whether any settlements being offered are fair. For example, some people sustain minor injuries from parking-lot accidents and mistakenly think that they are entitled to millions of dollars. Accident lawyers can generally review medical records and consult with doctors to determine whether injury victims are being offered fair settlements from insurance companies. Settlements that are deemed unfair can be negotiated by car-accident attorneys. 

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