No matter what caused your financial hardship, you are probably seeking relief from it. You could have had a temporary loss in wages and are now fully back to work, but catching up on everything is near impossible. You also might be making less money than you did when you first acquired the debts. Regardless, if you feel that you are unable to pay back what you owe to your creditors, you will want to consider whether it might be time to consult with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Here are a few signs that indicate that this might be the best option for you:

You Are Dodging Collection Efforts

You might have started to find that the collection calls are happening so frequently that you simply leave your phone on silent or even just turn it off. After all, if you do not know when you can pay your creditors, it can be difficult to talk with them. This is especially true when trying to deal with creditors that have strict rules on what type of payment arrangements they will accept. You don't want to make promises to pay that you are unable to keep either.

You Don't Make As Much Money As Before

If you have had a significant change in your income, you might want to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you can afford your basic bills and expenses, such as your utilities, food, and gasoline, but can no longer afford payments on your credit cards and personal loans, it is time to seek help from the bankruptcy court. The sooner you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the sooner you can start to rest better at night. You will be able to feel confident again about your personal financial situation as you no longer have to try to come up with money that you simply do not have.

By taking the previously mentioned points into consideration, you should find that you are much more comfortable with whatever decision you make. Remember, you can always consult with an attorney about the possibility of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and get their opinion on it. They can review your financial situation to help you determine the best course of action. If you do decide to move forward with the bankruptcy, all collection efforts by your creditors will stop once they receive the bankruptcy case number, which will be forwarded to them by your attorney.