Usually, the judge will determine how much alimony you should pay your ex-spouse, depending on the prevailing financial situation. However, as time goes by and circumstances change, amendments or requests to stop the payments might be necessary. In such a case, you must file a claim to request the changes you want. During this undertaking, you should consider hiring a family lawyer to help present your petition to the judge. They can assist you in getting a modification or termination of the payments in the following situations. 

Your Employment Status Has Changed

You can request the court to stop alimony payments after losing your job. To determine this case, the judge will first evaluate the circumstances leading to the termination of your employment. For example, they will want to know whether you resigned from your job or your boss terminated your contract. The court might not grant your request if you quit voluntarily or temporarily lost the job. And even if you've involuntarily lost employment, are you searching for another one? The court can approve your request if the reasons for your job loss are justifiable. 

Your Ex-Spouse's Employment Status Has Changed

If your partner's employment status has changed, you might have a genuine reason to request an amendment to spousal payments. However, you must provide sufficient information showing how their situation has changed financially. This evidence enables the court to determine whether or not you should continue paying alimony. In that regard, the judge might decline your request if your partner's income is insufficient to give them a comfortable life.

But in an attempt to keep benefiting from alimony, your ex-spouse can withhold their financial details. In this case, your family attorney will investigate them and unearth their earnings. With sufficient evidence, you stand a chance of having your request approved by the court. 

Your Ex-Spouse Has Moved in With a New Partner

The court might terminate or suspend spousal payments if you prove that your ex-spouse has moved in with a new partner. Nevertheless, getting amendments to alimony payments through this argument is challenging because you must provide the court with compelling evidence. For instance, you must show that your ex-spouse and their new partner share living expenses. Aside from that, you have to prove that they share household chores and how their family and friends consider their relationship. In such a situation, your lawyer might suggest involving professional investigators to gain in-depth insight into your ex-spouse's living situation. Then, after a comprehensive investigation, you can accurately prove to the court that your ex-spouse no longer deserves your financial support.

The situations above warrant an amendment to spousal payments. A family lawyer can assist you in getting the modifications you require in each situation.

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